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Our commitment is to serve the community of Angel Investors all over the world. We will bring you real founders, real stories, and real opportunities. We are StartupWire and we serve the investors. 

About Chris... 

Chris Graebe is the co-founder and CEO of StartupWire.  A first of it's kind Angel Investing Community that provides free information and interviews from the world of Angel Investing.  As an entrepreneur himself, Chris is uniquely positioned to ask founders the questions that investors want to know and hear. 

Chris is passionate about Angel Investing and especially in the world of equity crowdfunding.  He knows that there is a revolution coming where the everyday investor will start to see returns that have only been available to the multi-millionaires and big banks until now. 

In 2020, Chris was the lead investor in 7 equity crowdfunding startups.  Collectivity these startups raised close to 10 Million dollars in funding. 

When he's not interviewing founders, writing articles, or researching the next big idea, Chris can be found spending time with his wife and 5 kids... and family puppy- Keller.