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Invest in the future of remote work

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Join us at 9:00 pm EST on July 27th to learn how Arc is making it possible for developers to build great careers from anywhere.
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Arc has already secured developers jobs at:

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3 Reasons investors love this company



To date, Arc has raised over $3 Million from Techstars, 500 Startups, and Fabrice Grinda (Forbes #1 Angel Investor).

Don't miss the chance to join these big name investors and own a piece of Arc.



Profitable, 47-person global team remotely distributed in 4 continents. Plus they already have 900,000+ developers in their network.

They practice what they teach. They have made it possible for their team to live anywhere.


Future Focused

$3.8M revenue run rate, with new remote recruiting business growing at 470% YOY

It's early, but Arc is already trending in the right direction. 

We have now entered the work from home era...

 Remote work is the future, opening the door to a world of opportunities. Last year saw the rapid growth in remote working, with companies like Twitter, Dropbox, and more adopting location-independent work for the long run.

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Yet actually getting hired for a remote job is HARD. The world was built for location-based work.

Although this grand possibility exists, finding permanent remote work isn't easy. 

The remote job search is complicated and tedious. Competition is fierce, with each open role receiving thousands of applicants. And it's hard to get noticed with unfamiliar names of companies and schools on your resume.

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Arc is making it easier to find remote work.

Arc is a remote career platform that connects great developers with hiring companies. And they're committed to building the most frictionless remote job search and career-building experience.

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Join us on July 27th at 9:00 pm EST for an exclusive investment opportunity.

Arc founder Weiting Liu and Angel Investing Expert Chris Graebe will discuss the Remote Work revolution and give you an opportunity to join their growing list of investors. 

Act quickly because space is limited and this funding round will fill up fast. We can't wait to see you there.

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Join us at 9:00 pm EST on July 27th to learn how Arc is making it possible for developers to build great careers from anywhere.

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