How to Own Thousands of Companies with One Investment

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Join us May 11th at 9:00pm EST and See How Startup Investing Works
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The webinar will feature Brian Mac Mahon Founder & CEO of Expert Dojo. Expert Dojo is a Startup Accelerator located in Santa Monica. 

What's a Startup Accelerator? An accelerator takes in startups, invests in them, trains them, mentors them, and connects them with investors. 

Expert Dojo isn't just a regular accelerator though. It's one of the BEST in the world.

Brian Mac Mahon

The webinar will also feature Angel Investing Expert, Chris Graebe. Chris is the Cofounder and CEO of StartupWire. StartupWire believes in providing people with Equity Crowdfunding education that they can trust. StartupWire exists to serve the investors. Chris takes complex topics and breaks them down into approachable ideas that investors and non-investors can learn from.

Chris will teach you all about Equity Crowdfunding and give you a chance to make your first or your next, Equity Crowdfunding investment. 

Chris Graebe

Attend the Webinar on May 11th at 9:00 PM EST and Learn Why Investing in Expert Dojo is Like Investing in Thousands of Companies


Expert DOJO has raised a 20 million dollar fund and invested in over 100 companies the past 3 years


The venture capital system is unfair, with Expert Dojo, the upside gets accessible for everyday investors


Expert Dojo's accelerator program is the best in the US and has a 95% rating from its startups in 2020


Expert Dojo focuses on women and minority founders, with over 75% of investments in both

Don't miss this opportunity

Chris will ask the questions, you will get the answers.

Chris and Brian will talk about Expert Dojo's History and discuss how they became known as "Unicorn Hunters". Expert Dojo is focused on charting uncharted territories and giving investors and opportunity to reap the benefits of his new approach.

Join us on May 11th at 9:00pm EST to learn more. 

We hope to see you there!

Join us May 11th at 9:00pm EST
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