5 Things to Know About Lucha Libre

Alright quiz time…

What does Avatar, Spiderman, Men in Black, Pirates of the Caribbean, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Transformers all have in common?

If you answered that they are all larger than life blockbusters you are correct, but today, I want to focus on something else that they all share.

Have any guesses?

I’m not talking about directors, actors, or groundbreaking technology.

All of those franchises enlisted the services of one of the world’s leading experts in storytelling, an entertainment company called Starlight Runner, they specialize in telling stories across multimedia platforms.

What if I told you that Starlight Runner has partnered with a groundbreaking animation company Pencilish (who was featured on StartupWire in 2021) to target a market that currently holds $1.9 Trillion in buying power?

This sounds like a pretty incredible opportunity right?

Enter Aro Lucha.

What is Aro Lucha?

Imagine a Global Target Audience with a Domestic Buying Power of $1.9 Trillion Dollars, who have made up approximately 50% of the recent US Population Growth according to a recent report by Nielsen. We are talking about the Latino and Hispanic Community.

The Latino and Hispanic Community abroad, but more importantly inside the United States, is one of the most coveted target audiences on the planet.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at what Disney did recently.

They just released an all Spanish version of Encanto, their latest hit movie, targeting that audience.

If Disney has this audience in its sites, it is certainly worth something!

Back to the question.

What is Aro Lucha - it's a Latino and Hispanic entertainment company that will produce animated content for Latino and Hispanic audiences and then monetize that Intellectual Property through Lucha Libre live events.

Not familiar with Lucha Libre?

Lucha Libre is a style of professional wrestling that was first popularized in Mexico, but has since made its presence felt in markets around the world.

Lucha Libre is characterized by the brightly colored masks that the wrestlers wear, the high flying moves exhibited in the ring, and the larger than life personalities that accompany the luchadores (wrestlers) as they compete against each other.

Imagine a kid seeing their favorite animated star in real life, wrestling the bad guy as he sits in the stands sipping a coke and eating a churro.

The vision is that good and it's that big.

You see, Aro Lucha is more than just an animated Lucha Libre.

It is a total market assault that starts with an animated series and leads to:

  • Potential Live Action Events Featuring Those Characters (Ticketing, Merchandising Revenue)

  • Potential Live Action Television Series, think WWE RAW (TV Licensing, Sponsorship Revenue)

  • Potential METAVERSE with Interactive Lucha Characters...a place where kids can put on their VR Headsets and Become the Characters!!!

  • Exclusive NFT's of Characters and Avatars...Imagine Owning the First Pencil Sketch of Mickey Mouse...but digitally and one of a kind!!!

  • Merchandise from the Characters...T-Shirts, Plush Dolls, Toys, Board Games, Masks, and More!!!

I ho