Disrupting, Profiting, and Saving the World

I recently had a chance to sit down with Sun& Swell Foods founders Kate & Bryan Flynn. They are currently disrupting a tired, stagnant, and dull industry. This conversation happened LIVE on April 8, 2021. We talked about so many things, but we spent the majority of our time talking about the future.

No worries if you couldn't be there. I have put together everything you need in this blog to become a part of Sun & Swell's success story.

First, the recording of the webinar is right here. Watch it when you get a chance.

Second, here are some highlights from the webinar in case you want the summary. FYI we covered a LOT.

Here's what I mean...

We learned that Kate & Bryan are dynamic visionaries who will stop at nothing to do their part to solve the single use plastic problem. When faced with a challenge, they tackle it head on and pivot when necessary. While the rest of the grocery industry was on its heels in 2020, Sun and Swell foods saw an opportunity and seized it.

We learned that as parents, they view their job with enormous responsibility. They must solve this plastic problem for their 9 month old daughter and for future generations to come.

Lastly, we learned everything investors want to know about their business model: profits, packaging, distribution, farmers, future plans, exit strategy, and so much more.

This was a night full of inspiring stories and great information. But...most importantly we found out that Sun and Swell are only raising capital for a short period of time. The outpouring of investments last night was nothing short of inspiring. The round is nearly full. That means you have to act now if you want to be a part of this unique opportunity to disrupt a $650 Billion industry.

Kate and Bryan are tackling this disruption head on, the only question is will you be a part of this journey?

Use this special link to get in on this investment before the general public.

We fully expect this round of fundraising to close soon. Don't miss your opportunity.

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