The LinkedIn for Entertainers

A new startup is raising on Wefunder that claims to be the “Linkedin for entertainers.”

If you know a creative (or are one yourself)—you know how hard it can be to find opportunities and make money.

Whether you’re a musician, comedian, DJ, or dancer, chasing your passion can be tough.

With Doodeo, it just got easier.

Doodeo is the first-ever social network built for entertainers. On Doodeo, entertainers can link with people looking to hire them, be they talent agents or just humble party-throwers.

The most interesting thing about Doodeo is its novelty. It has settled itself into an undeveloped niche. No company, big or small, is doing what they are doing.

While this means big potential if all goes well, it also means Doodeo will face the many difficulties of being first-to-market.

In my interview with founder Rony Hage, we discussed the challenges ahead of him and the unique strategies he uses to boldly go where no social media has gone before.

Watch the full video above or keep reading to see the highlights.

The Entertainer’s Problem

As it stands, entertainers must use a disconnected jumble of social media platforms to be seen and get work—at least if they want to stay competitive.

For small and independent entertainers, this puts a serious load on their shoulders.

These platforms range from Linkedin for networking, Classified for gigs, Instagram for marketing, Facebook for events, and so on.

Mind you, these platforms don’t work together and don’t offer tools specifically designed for entertainers.

But now, Doodeo has stepped into the game and brought all of these tools under into one shed.

On Doodeo, entertainers can connect with peers, market themselves, browse gigs, and get hired, all within one platform.

Doodeo is different from Fiverr or other gig sites.

Gig platforms do very little to help users network and target gig workers across all industries, whereas Doodeo is more focused and engaging.

Current Position and Next Steps

After the pandemic brought Doodeo’s business screeching to a halt, it has managed to rebound and come back stronger than ever.

The current plan can be broken down into two simple steps:

  1. Grow Doodeo’s entertainer community.

  2. Get more opportunities for entertainers on the platform.

Through marketing efforts, the community has been steadily growing about 111% week over week.

Recognition from famous entertainers like Charlie Sheen, Ludacris, and Wilf Scolding from Game of Thrones has helped to raise awareness.

In terms of bringing more opportunities to the platform, Rony says he has a massive vertical to grow into. In the U.S., the gigs and e-gigs market is already worth $40 billion (more on this below).

With a large pool of entertainers to pull from and a strong marketing campaign, he hopes to pull those talent seekers off of other gig sites and onto Doodeo.

The current roadmap is to build the biggest community of entertainers in the world by 2023.

Live Streaming Functionality

Livestreaming is the newest of Doodeo's features. Users can go live to raise donations or create a private live stream.

Here’s the cool thing about private streams…

Imagine you are throwing a party and you want some entertainment. Instead of paying entertainers to come into your home (which isn't possible for most), you can have a live virtual performance through Doodeo.

You can link up with your favorite bands or DJ that lives across the world and have them perform remotely. Think about that, now you can easily stream celebrity appearances at a get-together. All you need to do is agree on a price with the artist.

As these e-gigs become more popular, and with the help of Doodeo’s services, the price of such performances will go down.

Rony foretells of a time when you or I could get live entertainers for just $20 or $30 for a half-hour performance.

How Does Doodeo Make Money?

Rony made it clear, Doodeo is still pre-revenue. Even so, he has worked out a few revenue streams that are starting to take off.

The first is Doodeo Pro, a paid subscription upgrade users can buy for $16.99 per month. This gives them the highest viability on the platform’s discovery page, unlimited messages, unique URLs, the ability to show featured work on their portfolio, and more.

By far the best part of the premium package is that Pro users get alerted about opportunities first, get recommended more opportunities, and save money on the income they make through the platform.

This leads me to the next revenue stream—Doodeo takes a percentage from the gigs and live streams that entertainers book.

Lastly, Doodeo will make money from advertisements. Built into the platform are tools that let entertainers and seekers make and distribute their own ads.

Total Addressable Market

In the U.S. alone, the total addressable market of gigs and e-gigs is $40 billion.

And the market is growing 2.4% year-over-year—about a billion dollars per year.

Forecasts put the global market at $315 billion by 2022.

Within this market, there are no main shareholders yet. There is no Google or Facebook of this industry. Furthermore, the real Google and Facebook aren’t currently interested in it. Doodeo has swooped into this ripe territory and positioned itself at the forefront.

Exit Potential

Rony and Doodeo are in it for the long run. He’s planning years ahead and looking for ways to grow—that is his top priority.

When I asked him about the potential for an acquisition, he said he was open to the path, but only if it brought his investors the highest returns.

His ideal exit is an IPO, but that would still be a ways off.

In the meantime, Rony will do what he can to build Doodeo into the industry leader and global brand that he believes it can be.

Learn more and invest in Doodeo here.