What is Sircles?

Sircles is recommendations from friends and people you trust. Store your favorite restaurants, movies, nail salon, etc... Easily find and map your friends' favorites. Get rewarded for sharing. Create your Sircle of Trust. No longer rely on Yelp reviews written by strangers. They are often fake or false. Sircles is, and always will be, a positive, sharing community.

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Why Now?

The recommendations app needs a refresh.


Yelp is widely known as a Billion-Dollar Bully and extortionist

Biased algorithms and a deliberate intent to force small businesses to comply with their corrupt practices, makes Yelp one of the most despised online review platforms for small businesses whilst creating an unreliable and untrusted source of recommendations for the unsuspecting consumer.

Positivity is the future. People are exhausted by online bullying, politics, and drama. Sircles was designed to promote sharing and positive vibes only!

how does it make money?


Great question.

Sircles is subscription based and aims to stay away from the ad based revenue model. When businesses claim their profile page ($20/mo),  they unlock the ability to place coupons on a local map, gain full control over their profile, and get access to detailed analytics, such as which users have "favorited" their business. Very simple, affordable, and automated. 

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