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Chris Graebe

Angel Investing Expert, author and Cofounder of StartupWire.

Kate Flynn

Harvard MBA, Tory Burch Fellow, PepsiCo WomanMade pitch winner. Cofounder and CEO of Sun & Swell

Bryan Flynn

Loyola Marymount MBA. Taken companies from startup to $10M ARR. Cofounder and COO of Sun & Swell

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Investor Insights:

Sun & Swell has the potential for growth...

At $650B, the US grocery market is the largest consumer sector in the world and is made up of over 40,000 grocery stores.


According to Sun & Swell's projections, they could grow to $1B in sales and still make up only 0.15% of the total market which is roughly the size of a small regional grocer.

They project they will reach over $25M revenue in 2024...

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Changing the Game:

By fixing the way food goes from farms to your pantry, Sun & Swell is changing the game. 

The current supply chain for food is too complex, has too many middle men, and takes food way too long to go from farm to consumer.


We created a simpler model - one that brings you closer to the food source and enables us to use plastic-free packaging.

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Revolutionary Packaging:

Sun & Swell is the only company in the US selling a wide range of health foods in compostable packaging, which enables them to be the only plastic-free grocery store that can ship products nationwide.

You see, Sun and Swell thought of it all. 


Many people don't have access to composting so they created a one-of-a-kind used bag send back program so customers can send bags back to Sun & Swell and they will compost them for you.